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Our Portfolio

The types of businesses we invest in are future-facing, hard to replicate and unlikely to be disrupted.  

The Constantia Quality Continuum

We scour the world and hand pick 15-25 of the best quality companies we can find to invest in on your behalf. These businesses are plugged into the future and the products and services they sell are very hard to replicate. This means that they are unlikely to be disrupted.  Our portfolio is not limited to just “value” or “growth” styles, we invest across a quality continuum. This helps to provide resilience in the face of meaningful market rotations.

We are also nimble and flexible enough to not be constrained by sector, geography or market capitalisation (size). Our goal is to compound wealth through the investment cycle.

Portfolio highlights.

Berkshire Hathaway is a multinational holding company that owns controlling interests in a broad range of leading insurance, industrial and retail operations across the United States and globally. Run by investment doyens Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger and ably assisted by an experienced executive management team, Berkshire has compounded shareholder returns at twice the rate of the S&P500 since inception in 1965, an enviable track record of superb capital allocation.
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Ametek is a designer and manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. Ametek has been providing its customers with mission critical products for more than 9 decades. the current management team have a proven track record of identifying bolt on acquisitions to sustainably accelerate the growth of the group.
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HEICO Corporation is a mission critical parts supplier to the airline industry. HEICO is a world class business, compounding revenues at 15% per annum for more than 30 years – more than 3x the rate of the broader aircraft components industry. Despite this, HEICO still only has circa 8% market share, leaving decades of runway ahead of the business to grow into, exactly the type of business we like to own.
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Nintendo is a Japanese consumer video game manufacturer with arguable the highest quality collection of IP in the industry. Its primary franchises have existed for over 30 years, such that its characters are beloved both by parents who played Nintendo games in the 1990s/2000s, and their children for whom the games are largely targeted towards. Whilst Nintendo looks to be smoothing its transitions between console hardware generations, Nintendo’s margins are materially benefiting from a shift towards the digital distribution of video game software and the licensing of its IP.
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Constellation Software is an acquiror, owner, operator and builder of software businesses that service very specific and niche vertical markets. Examples include software for the hospitality industry; software for use by justice systems; software for forecasting energy demand and weather patterns for renewables utilities operators to name a few. Over 26 years, current management have demonstrated a remarkable ability to allocate capital into value-creating acquisitions, bolstering its collection of vertical market software (VMS) businesses to service thousands of public and private sector clients
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