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AIM Global High
Conviction Fund

About the Fund

The AIM Global High Conviction Fund provides Australian and New Zealand investors with the opportunity to diversify into a unique global equity proposition.

The Fund seeks to outperform a broad global equity benchmark, while providing sensible downside protection from permanent capital loss, over the medium- to long-term. In constructing the Fund and selecting high-quality global businesses with which to populate it, we target returns of between 8% - 12% over the investment horizon.

Target Market Determination (TMD): The Fund is appropriate for investors with "Medium to High" risk and return profiles. A suitable investor for this Fund is prepared to accept medium to high risk in the pursuit of capital growth, with a medium- to long-term investment timeframe. Investors should refer to the Target Market Determination (TMD) for further information, which can be found here.

Fund Facts

Price & Liquidity


Minimum Investment

Class A (Non Restricted Class)
$20,000 initial; $5,000 top-ups

Class B (Financial Advisers)
$2m per adviser group

Management Fee

Class A (Non Restricted Class)
1.341% (inc. GST, net of RITC)

Class B (Financial Advisers)
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Performance Fee

10% (inc. GST) above a high-water mark & above the benchmark


Class A (Non Restricted Class)
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Class B (Financial Advisers)
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Ernst & Young


Mainstream BPO

Auditor & Legal Counsel

Ernst & Young

Responsible Entity

The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited


Morgan Stanley


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