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Why Choose Constantia?

Whether you’re a SMSF, trust or an individual wanting to build your wealth, Constantia Investment Partners can work with you to reach your goal. Investing with us gives you direct access to the knowledge and experience of our team.

Our independence means we treat our investors as partners, and our goal is simple – to build your long-term wealth.

Our research, analysis, and depth of expertise is core to our proven investment approach. We search across sectors, styles and regions to find and invest in businesses that we believe can deliver superior long term returns for our investors.

Our portfolio is concentrated with 15 to 25 of our very best international stock ideas.

Our Team

We’re a team with award-winning international experience investing in global equities.
We believe in our process and portfolio - as owners and co-investors in the fund we are 100% aligned with our clients.

Team Members

Etienne Vlok

CIO and Co-Portfolio Manager

Daniel Gerdis

Co-Portfolio Manager

Andrew Strasser

Senior Analyst

Our Beliefs

Investing with Constantia is a true partnership – we make money alongside you, not off you.

We’re not incentivised by any third party to sell or buy a product - every decision we make is with the goal to build long term wealth for our investors.

We pride ourselves on being patient investors with the discipline to know when to buy and sell.

We’re available to speak with any time - whether that’s to help with your account, or a question you may have on the portfolio.

Our process is based on five fundamental beliefs:

  • Investments are worth the net present value of their future cash flows.
  • Successful investing is done from the perspective of a business owner, not a stock speculator.
  • Growth, in isolation, does not create value. The primary driver of value creation is the amount of
    profit earned relative to the amount of the capital invested to generate growth.
  • Long-term compounding requires partnering with aligned management teams with a firm grasp of value
    creation principles and a rational capital allocation mindset
  • Compounding is the true engine of wealth creation.

Our Difference

In a world obsessed with short-term gains and quick wins, we believe the best way to sustainably build your wealth is over the long-term.

The average time a stock is held on the stock exchange is five and a half months. It’s near impossible to capture the true value of a company in that time.

Because the market’s focus is so short-term, even exceptional companies can be sold off and become undervalued.

When they are, we look to buy these exceptional companies at attractive prices, and hold them for five years or more.

What Makes for an Exceptional Company?

An exceptional company in our view is one with the ability to grow faster and for longer than its peers – leading to higher share prices over time.

We believe the hallmarks of exceptional companies are:

1. Being highly profitable and generating excess cash
2. Having opportunities to reinvest the excess cash for growth
3. Being stewarded by exceptional management teams


Partner with us today.

A journey to building long-term wealth starts here.

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