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Building long-term wealth for our investors.

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About Us

Constantia Investment Partners is an independently-owned fund manager, running a single global equities strategy.  

With a proven track record of solid returns, our focus is on building your wealth so your focus can be on enjoying your life.

We look for exceptional businesses, run by exceptional people, at the right price.

We believe this will deliver outperformance over the long term.

Exceptional Businesses

Highly profitable business that are generating excess cash.

Opportunity to Grow

Opportunity to reinvest excess cash for sustainable growth.

Exceptional Management

People who think and behave like owners.

Our Difference

We are true investors who think in years, not months. We build portfolios that endure, backing exceptional companies for the long term to make money for our partners.


When All You Have Is a Hammer...

Goodhart’s Law is an adage that states ‘when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure’.

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When Opportunity Knocks

In this post, we discuss how we think about market volatility when it arrives, and how we act in periods where the word “correction” is plastered across every finance news site.

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